Mac & Vegan

Being of African American decent, the term ‘Soul Food’ has a number of meanings to me. It’s not only what you can expect your grandmother to cook every Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it’s food that has a stigma of being some of the most unhealthy food that you can consume.

Nevertheless, I recently came across an article that related Soul Food to the vegan lifestyle. Before reading the article, I had already made up my mind to disagree, and after I had finished the article my opinion hasn’t changed.

While the article makes the argument that slaves had diets similar to the vegans because of the limited access they had to food, this article fails to take into account the entire vegan lifestyle. Vegans do not simply refrain from eating animal flesh; they do not eat, use, or wear anything derived from an animal. So if you’re wondering, yes, this means mac & cheese as we know it would be forbidden for vegans.vmc

Fortunately, there are ways to prepare vegan approved mac & cheese. Since cheese is the main ingredient that puts mac & cheese on the ‘do not eat’ list, I’m going to give you a few vegan mac & cheese recipes to enjoy and tell you where you can buy vegan mac & cheese locally.

  • Creamy Vegan Mac & Cheese – this recipe has been voted a favorite among revi
    ewers for its creamy consistency and quick prep time.
  • The Best Vegan Mac & Cheese – a favorite among reviewers for its simplicity and texture similar to that of traditional mac & cheese.
  • Low Calorie Mac & Cheese – with its cashew based cheese sauce, this recipe takes the guilt out of confiding in this comfort food.

Not up for meal prep tonight? Check out the mac & cheese at these local vegan friendly restaurants:

The Land of Kush

Red Emma’s